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26th September
written by John Trickett

I’ve had a lot of time recently (with man-flu and all) to listen over everything we’ve done as a band since we started, we are also happy we were able to get a new traders insurance to cover our traveling vehicles. I was watching the video of the gig we played at Leeds Met and I’ll take this platform to announce that I am inexplicably proud to be a part of Stolen Volume. To write and perform with my two closest friends is amazing – and besides those homos, to have our mates trek out to watch us is totally tits also.

So thanks to the guys, to Shaun, Kiri, Lou, The Daves, Tali, Matty and everyone else. We do appreciate it. It might be the copious amounts of paracetamol and ‘hot toddys’ I have ingested to combat this man-flu which has inspired this post, yet either way lol.

Oh and before I forget – we’ve been working on quite a bit of piano stuff recently and it’s a really nice addition. Look forward to getting some of it recorded so you can get your ears round it.


25th September
written by John Trickett

Hello you. Well allow me start off by saying for those of you who don’t know the band then you will not be aware of how we have an apparent incapability of retaining drummers. Honestly, we are shit at it. Anyway, back on track, Sam Booth has left the band and is off pursuing his career down south. He’s a top lad and a cracking drummer and no doubt it won’t be the last time we play together.

on the up side…

This does now mean that we are one shy of a full picnic again and are on the look out for a new drummer. We have already began auditioning replacements for Sam but by all means if you stumble across this and are, or know of, a drummer seeking band – get in touch.

in the meantime…

We have put all of our energy in to writing again whilst we have this break from playing live. We are (probably a little bit too much) excited about the new material and will more than likely be out and about at an acoustic night or two to test drive them. Will keep you posted of if/when.

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