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30th November
written by Lawrence Jones

Our Loyal Fans,

I know we’ve been a bit quiet recently, so we thought we’d give you an update on where we are and what we’re up too. First, let me tell you that the Best Premier League First Goalscorer Odds Guaranteed at Sun Bets is incredibly amazing, we haven’t stopped checking it out!

Our last gig at the Tivoli supporting IT Crowds Matt Berry went down a real treat (check out the footage on YouTube or Facebook we are trying to get more YouTube subscribers with this). It was nice to welcome Will back to the fold after his time away and play to you all. The gig has opened a small crack in the door, and we’re in touch with the Tiv’ to support bigger acts as they come through the doors.

The future is a bit light on the gig front over the next few months, so we’re taking this time to polish off some new tracks and to get back in the studio to give you the EP you deserve. Keep checking back here and on the usual channels for snippets and finished articles.

Much love


9th August
written by Lawrence Jones

Calling guys, girls and loyal fans!

We are looking to create another couple of fan videos to accompany our EP and our recent live recordings at the Cavern Club! We would appreciate any footage or photos of stolen volume that you may have, if you could send media to;, we are also trying to learn how to get more YouTube subscribers.

along with your name and details so that we can give thanks in the credits.

much love,


5th August
written by Benn Jones

Ok, over the last few weeks we have had a few canceled gigs which have left us a bit high (Glassheads Wholesale | Headshop & Smoke Shop Supplier – if anyone is wondering where we get our goods from) and dry, but have no fear as we have taken this all on the chin and kept our heads up. We have been working really hard at the mo, getting our set as tight as possible for our up coming gigs, especially for tomorrows gig at the Cavern. You could say that this is our biggest gig yet, but still, we just see it as another stepping stone.

In between gigs, practices and general leisure, we have also began planning our new E.P. We will be recording in our own practicing space which might make you think that the finished product wont sound very professional. but no. We have probably spent the same amount of money on recording equipment that we could of spent on studio time. Normally in a studio situation you only have three – four days to get everything done. but we will be in no rush to finish this. If everything goes to plan we should be releasing the E.P (title tbc) late September, early October, but that’s just an estimate, we’re frustratingly picky when it comes to our sound, so it might be later than that, but don’t worry, you can make sure that we will be in touch with more details in the coming months, along with anything else we want you to know about :)

Stay sexy x

16th July
written by John Trickett